How Much is a Bag of Shrooms: A Pricing Guide

How Much is a Bag of Shrooms: A Pricing Guide So you’re looking for top-quality mushrooms? You must also be wondering how much is a bag of shrooms, right? If you happen to visit a magic mushroom shop or an online store to buy your supply, you will also find shrooms sold by the ounce, gram or by microdose aside from a regular bag. Learning how much shrooms are will give you an idea of how much popular shrooms varieties cost. Let’s explore how much an ounce of shrooms are in different parts of the world. A few things to remember Before you go off finding how much is a bag of shrooms, remember that this product is not sold openly in most countries, even online. It is possible to find only grow kits to grow different magic mushroom varieties. If you were to search for how much is a bag of shrooms, you will not find a direct answer. Most results will send you to a site that sells truffles which is a type of fungi that’s legal and openly sold. But for magic mushrooms, only magic truffles, magic truffle grow kits and magic mushroom grow kits are available. Price of magic mushroom grow kits? At the time of writing this article, the price starts around 28.00 Euros. This price does not include discounts and shipping. The shipping cost is calculated by the number of items you wish to buy in your shopping cart. From this page, you can fill in the country and the postal code or zip code to get the correct price. What can you find in common magic mushroom grow kits? Magic grow kit is the easiest way to get a constant supply of your favorite shrooms. A typical kit comes with a grow box with a substrate containing mycelium, the spores that have developed, a transparent grow bag with an air filter and paperclips. The substrate is made of rye, vermiculite, perlite and rice flour and the mycelium development was done in a sterile environment or lab. The only thing that you need to do is to place the grow box in a humid and warm environment. You need the paperclip to secure the grow bag and prevent this from opening. Clean tap water or preferably mineral water to water your shrooms is also needed. You also need a warm area with a temperature of at least 18 to 29 degrees Fahrenheit to allow the kit to grow and develop. Take note that not all grow kits have the same instructions so you must carefully read the steps before starting. How much is shroom grow kits then? A popular online site to buy magic mushroom kits has a wide variety of shrooms found in grow kits. Truffle Magic has all your favorite strains including Golden Teacher in a 100% mycelium magic grow kit sold at 45.41 Euros. Their B+, another popular strain also comes in a 100% mycelium magic grow kit and is also available for the same price. Other very popular strains from this magic mushroom site are Colombian, Ecuador, Mazatapec, Mexican and Thai. You’ll get grow kits which are all you need to grow the fungi. The kit contains a spore syringe at 1200 ml and growing materials. Every kit is covered by a freshness guarantee and has special instructions on how to germinate your spores. Meanwhile, another magic mushroom site that sells shroom grow kits serves customers located in the UK and nearby areas. Again, this company does not sell dried shrooms to customers but instead, they sell grow kits of different mushroom strains. The grow kits from Magic Mushrooms are easy to use and are inoculated with cubensis and the mycelium is ready to grow because it is completely developed. All you need to do is to add water, place the kit in the right temperature and growing space for the shrooms to develop. When you follow the instructions well, you will be able to harvest in just four weeks. Magic Mushrooms sell a variety of magic mushroom kits including the very popular MycoMate Mushrooms Kit. This kit is easy to grow and is available in standard and extra-large sizes. Meanwhile, you may also use FreshMushroom Kits, a maintenance-free, high-potency grow kit. MycoMate Grow Kits sell for 32.50 Euros at Magic Mushrooms shop with strains like Red Boy, Albino A+, Orissa India, and Fiji. MycoMate also has kits to grow other popular strains like Ban Hua, Mexican, Treasure Coast, If you’re looking for a larger grow kit, MycoMate also has this and is available for purchase at 42.50 Euros. If you want to grow not just one strain, you can also use discount grow kits with five different strains available. The FreshMushrooms brand is a discount pack with 5 strains and is available online for 170 to 172.50 Euros. You may also want to try these authentic and affordable shrooms from shroomdispensary.ca! Other steals and deals You can find deals and discounts for magic mushrooms online. Coupons.com offers updated information regarding the latest deals. For example, you can use a coupon to get free shipping for orders of more than 150 Euros. Another discount offers active right now is a 10% off on magic mushrooms grow kits combination deal. This deal lets you take home three to five kinds of mushroom strains for a very affordable price. There are special offers on growing tools and equipment too. You can get ‘’cultivation necessities” for as low as 0.20 Euros. Imagine paying for your most favorite strains at a very low price. Some companies offer discounts during special times of the year. You can find discounts during holidays, special occasions and more. Most online sites that sell magic mushrooms have special deals and offers available to their customers but they need to sign up in their newsletter. If you sign up, you also get special information and the latest news about shrooms. Newsletters are sent to your email and this is how you get the latest deals. If you are a regular shrooms user, it’s best to sign up for these right now.

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